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How I do things

At times you may find yourself uncertain of the direction of your life, which can lead to internal and external complications or confusion. It can result in a range of unhelpful emotions or behaviours that manifest in distressing and overwhelming feelings and thoughts leaving you with a sense of being ‘out of control’. No one enjoys waking each morning without a set and desired path or direction in life that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

However, as you are the expert in yourself it is important to discover your unique resources that allow you to live a balanced and productive life. By uncovering your personal values that you deem important and meaningful, you will discover your direction and purpose.

In a safe, non-judgmental space, we will work together to explore options and opportunities for change, set personal goals and best overall wellbeing.

Appointments can be made for individuals, couples or families. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to discuss discounts.

Face to face

Face to face appointments are now available from 449 Doveton Street North, Soldiers Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 8pm. To make an appointment please contact me and we can discuss a time that suits you.

50 minutes at $100 $70 ENDS JULY 31st 2021


Online appointments are currently available by using the Zoom video conferencing software which is free and easy to use. The benefits for online appointments are numerous. To make an appointment using Zoom please contact me via the button below.

50 minutes at $100 $50 ENDS JULY 31st 2021


In-Home appointments are when I visit you in your space, which in most cases is at your house. Home visits have many advantages for you as it’s convenient, safe and comfortable. To make an appointment please contact me where we can discuss your requirements. 

50 minutes at $100