Life Coaching

Life Coaching can be described as a type of Wellness professional. Coaches can help you move forward and make progress in your life in order to attain a more fulfilled existence. The aim of a Life Coach is to assist you improve those parts of your lives that may be causing stress, imbalance or ‘stuck’.

Life Coaching can assist you to clarify your goals, identify and process some obstacles that may be holding you back and then uncover strategies to overcome those obstacles. These strategies utilise your unique skills, strengths and attributes so that long lasting changes can be achieved.

Life Coaching is different from Counselling as coaches DO NOT assist in mental health concerns, healing or managing mood disorders. Although techniques used are similar and even cross-over in some aspects, coaching is better designed for those that feel stuck, blocked or would like to explore alternative directions in decisions or life. As a coach I will uphold the same values and principles in regards to privacy, duty of care and the belief that you have all the answers within you. 

Life Coaching may help in -