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About me

My name is Steve Vanderwerf. I integrate Life Coaching with Counselling, which I believe can better assist you to discover your unique skills and resources. I enjoy utilising a range of activities which include role play, experiments, challenges and more. I have been known to say it how I see it and get straight to the point on occasions, all for your benefit. Since you are the expert of yourself, you will have control of how we use shared time and what is discussed. As a member of The ACA, I am governed by a range of strict policies that are designed for best practice for you.  

With a strong interest in dream analysis, I believe that understanding your dreams has the potential to educate you about what lies within your unconscious. Unlocking the lessons that your dreams may be saying can assist you to make informed decisions that align with your values and beliefs. 

Catch Counselling and Wellbeing is derived from some of my values.. Coaching, Acceptance, Trust, Choice and Hope.

Steve Vanderwerf
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