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As part of my capacity to assist those with challenges related to mental health and wellbeing I have engaged with local service providers and small businesses to explore some aspects they offer which may help. As part of this engagement, I invited these providers to answer a few questions, in their own words, to explain their journey and the benefits of their expertise.

Carly Murdoch from CONNECT WITH CARLY.

Brief overview of what you do.

Carly teaches Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga is an ancient system comprising physical, mental and spiritual practices designed to bring about better wellbeing.

The philosophies of yoga offer a way to live with greater compassion and respect toward all beings, including ourselves, and explore ways in which to live skilfully and cultivate true happiness.

The poses, or asanas, are perhaps the most recognisable aspect of the practice of yoga but they are only one facet of a much greater path.

Meditation is like the culmination of the Yoga practice whereby we work with the body and the breath in preparation to sit in meditation. Meditation can, however, be practiced stand-alone with no loss of potency.

These practices forge a calmer mind, greater focus and clarity in our thinking and decision making as well as deeper and more meaningful relationships in our lives.

How did you end up doing this? (your journey)

 Carly found yoga many years ago on the search to better her wellbeing and reduce the daily turmoil of anxiety she was living with. What she discovered was in fact much more than anxiety relief. She found a practice that equally strengthened her mind and body and enriched her daily life.

But she was still left feeling there could be more – more relief from the anxiety and a more consistent sense of fulfillment.

And so, she adopted a daily meditation practice also.

It was then she started to experience the most powerful, impactful and lasting shifts in her life.

Carly sincerely believes this practice has never been more pertinent for all of us. We are living in an age shrouded by stress and mental ill health. Meditation is a very elegant laundering of stress, and Carly is a living example of restored mental health through meditation.

What three services that you provide would you recommend for overall wellbeing?

  1. Meditation first and foremost. Stress and trauma patterns, which we all have conditioned into our systems, can manifest physically and taint our entire life experience. So, practices of the mind are not just for our mental health, but our physical health also.
  2. Yoga for mind and body. Yoga is primarily a practice for the mind. We use the body and the breath as the vehicle to translate to the mind. So, we simultaneously enhance the health and the functioning of body and mind. Win win!
  3. We are a species hard-wired for connection; to all of existence. Connection to other humans, animals, plants, the sunshine and the moonlight all aid us to feel more grounded and connected – like we are a part of life, a contributing and meaningful part of life, as distinct from how we can sometimes feel as though ‘life is against us’.

Can you recommend any literature, podcasts or social media to explore?


Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda

The Biology of Belief – Bruce H. Lipton, PHD.

The Brain that Changes Itself – Norman Doidge, MD


1 Giant Mind by Jonni Pollard who is my teacher

I believe ‘self-awareness’ is a superpower. What do you feel is your superpower?

 ‘Self-awareness’ IS a superpower. And it’s the super most superpower in my opinion. Self-awareness is the catalyst for creating long-lasting wellbeing in our lives as it enables us to better understand our needs, our capabilities and our truest desires. It enables us to understand, and enact, what we need in order to thrive as a human being – rather than merely survive which is how a lot of us are living our day-to-day lives. And enhanced self-awareness is precisely what yoga and meditation cultivate. So, self-awareness is also my superpower!

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