About me


I offer a compassionate and accepting approach, in a safe and supportive environment which can help you explore your concerns and challenges. Through self-awareness an effective pathway for growth, developing coping skills and resilience can emerge. I am committed to facilitate your needs to find acceptance, balance and the capacity to make empowering and rewarding choices that will support your future goals.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with people dealing with a wide variety of life’s challenges and concerns. I have seen successful changes first hand in people when operating a professional organising (decluttering) business and when working with and managing my own personal journey.

I support adults, couples and families experiencing a range of challenges with diverse backgrounds and am a proud member of the Australian Counselling Association. I can support you to explore, develop and build a path to live your best life and manage your mental health and wellbeing. Working together we can uncover self-care tools best implemented to your lifestyle which may include areas such as spirituality, crystal healing, aromatherapy or journal writing.

I integrate a range of counselling modalities including-